We Buy Stamps: Sell Your Postage Stamps For Cash

Sell unwanted, decimal, mint postage stamps. Online payments.

If you're looking to sell postage stamps you no longer want we may be interested in buying them from you. Although you can't sell unwanted stamps back to the Post Office or Royal Mail, you can Swap Them with the Royal Mail Swap-Out Scheme. But if it's cash in the bank you're looking for, we buy most British Royal Mail stamps.

We offer competitive prices, fast online payments, direct by bank transfer.

The postage stamps we buy

We buy stamps that are mint and unused decimal UK stamps, with prices in Pounds or Pence or 'No Value Indicated' 1st, 2nd class etc... Including small definitive Machin style stamps and larger pictorial commemorative stamps, special issues and Christmas stamps.

examples of decimal postage stamps
Just a few examples of stamps we accept

Examples of the Royal Mail stamps we buy

  • 1st & 2nd Class modern stamps with QR-Codes
    We buy any barcoded/QR-coded 1st or 2nd class stamps: Postage stamps for Standard Letters or Large Letters; in sheets, part-sheets, strips and booklets of 4 or 8.
  • Christmas stamps
    Do you have Christmas stamps to sell from previous years because they show an incorrect current postage rate? We buy these.
  • Pictorial, Commemorative stamps
    We buy Royal Mail picture stamps - 'lick and stick' or 'peel and stick': Low values, high values, 1st or 2nd class rates, or stamps showing an E.
  • Small Queen Elizabeth II stamps
    We buy small style stamps with any denomination showing: 12p, 18p, 50p etc... 1st or 2nd class in any colour, Gold, Red, Orange, Blue, Green. Even obscure prices such as 'E', 'Worldwide' or any with ½p.
  • Stamps with higher values
    High value postage stamps from any year showing decimal currency, we'll buy them! Including: £1, £2, £5, £10, and any showing castles, Britannia or Queen Elizabeth II portrait.
  • Booklets, Miniature Sheets & Presentation Packs
    Presentation packs for special/commemorative stamp issues, mini-sheets, Post Office booklets and Prestige Booklets. Yes, we buy these too.

Stamps must be genuine and in mint condition  - that's with full gum, never been used, and un-franked. We don't buy folded or badly creased stamps, or any non-British stamps.

The minimum face value we can accept is £40.

All stamps are checked closely, so please only offer to sell postage stamps to us you know are legitimate. We are not able pay a penny for any that are not.

Prices paid for unused postage stamps

Typically we pay between 40-60% of the stamps' face values. The highest prices are paid for newer barcode style stamps, and bundles in larger quantities. Lower values, older style small stamps (with the Late Queen Elizabeth II portrait) and commemoratives are typically towards to the lower face value percentage.

All payments are currently made by direct bank transfer.

What to do next

Total up the value and types of stamps you'd like to sell, check they're mint with full gum, and not damaged. Then let us know exactly what stamps you have for sale. Please be as informative and accurate as you can! Sending photos of the stamps can help speed up the process.

i.e. I have 20x 1st class old-style definitives, £32 worth of special issues & 4 books of barcoded 2nd class stamps I want to sell.

Once we've received the details you'll be provided with a quote in principle. If you'd like to go ahead we will provide you with the address to send your stamps to. Do not send to the address listed online, on the website! (that's for correspondence only, our stock and delivery addresses are different).

Once we've received your stamps we'll promptly check them. Everything being good we'll send the payment to your nominated bank account the same day. 

Hopefully, we will soon have PayPal set up as an alternative method to enable you to sell stamps for PayPal payments. 

If you live near me and have postage stamps to sell, collection is also an option. That's if you want to save time and money with sending items. Cash payment can also be offered when dealing in person. 

Get in touch! Fill in the online form below or send an email. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Email: info@alstamps.co.uk

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