Collection: Discounted Stamps For Postage

Cut the cost of sending mail with discount postage stamps. Sometimes we have small quantities of stamps, valid for Royal Mail use, to buy online. All our stamps for postage are 100% genuine, unused, and with full gum.

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Which stamps are still valid for postal use? All decimal GB stamps, from decimalisation in 1971 to present, are legitimately valid for postage if they are unused and have not already been used postally. With the following exception, the Machin style stamps with Queen Elizabeth II's portrait on cannot be used anymore. These stamps ceased to be valid for postage on 31st July 2023. In short, it's OK to use any stamps with barcodes on and any commemorative/pictorial issues without a barcode are also fine to use.

How can you sell postage stamps for less than face value? We regularly buy stamp collections. These often contain Machin (Queen's head) style definitives. These are exchanged with the Royal Mail Swap Out scheme. Similarly any unused/mint commemorative or pictorial stamps are set aside and sorted into values to make up 2nd class and 1st class postal rates.

Beware of fake stamps! They can be found elsewhere on the internet, often at unrealistically cheap prices. This includes forgeries and genuine un-franked without gum stamps. We will not buy nor sell any such items! And fraudulent use of stamps is a criminal offence written into law. We are a small stamp dealer and want all our customers to have a good experience.

Demand is high and discount postage stamps sell out quickly. Our availability is sporadic at the best of times but we sometimes include: 1st class and 2nd class barcoded stamp booklets, commemorative/special-issue pictorial stamps, and cheap bulk lots of various commemorative values i.e. batches of 2-3 stamps to make up the current 2nd class or 1st class rates.

If we have no stamps for postage available we are happy to recommend a competitor. Try, they're one of the good guys, trusted and experienced dealers, and members of the PTS (Philatelic Traders Society).

We buy stamps! If you're looking for cash for your old stamps continue to our sell your stamps page and see if we can help out.